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Introduction - This web project I created from the First Greek Book, however, there are some changes that I took the liberty to make, for example, I have added color to allow the reader to see the grammar much more easily. Another modification that you will see in the text, is in the grammar charts. For the second person plural, instead of using the formal, proper "you", I have used the word "yous", which is common usage in certain areas of the United States, but considered not proper, as far as grammar goes . . . but the huge advantage of using it is that it allows us to easily distinguish between the second person singular by using "you", and the second person plural, by using "yous". You may also notice the trema (~) being referred to as a "circumflex", the font provides no circumflex, and in writing the Greek, simply replace the trema with a circumflex. The answers provided may not all be perfect, as I am no great scholar of Ancient Greek, and they only go to a point around chapter twenty. Alas, it seems I have spent more time creating this (approximately 2500+ hours) than I have studying it!

Lesson I - The Alphabet. Vowels, Consonants, Dipthongs

Lesson II - Breathings, Syllables, Elision, Accent, Punctuation

Lesson III - Nouns . . . Introductory

Lesson IV - A-declension - feminines in η

Lesson V - Verbs . . . Introductory

Lesson VI - A-Declension . . . Feminines in α

Lesson VII - Imperfect Indicative Active

Lesson VIII - O-Declension

Lesson IX - O-Declension (continued)

Lesson X - Future and First Aorist Indicative Active

Lesson XI - A-Declension . . . Masculines

Lesson XII - Perfect and Pluperfect Indicative Active

Lesson XIII - The Art Of Reading

Lesson XIV - Adjectives of the Vowel Declension

Lesson XV - Analysis of the Primary Tenses of the Indicative Active

Lesson XVI - Analysis of the Secondary Tenses of the Indicative Active

Lesson XVII - Demonstrative Pronouns - αὐτός

Lesson XVIII - Present and Imperfect Indicative of εἰμι, be

Lesson XIX - Present, Imperfect, and Future Indicative Middle

Lesson XX - Aorist, Perfect, Pluperfect and Future Perfect Indicative Middle

Lesson XXI - Indicative Passive

Lesson XXII - Perfect, Pluperfect and Future Perfect Indicative Middle and Passive of Labial Mute Verbs

Lesson XXIII - Perfect, Pluperfect Indicative Middle and Passive of Palatal and Lingual Mute Verbs

Lesson XXIV - Prepositions

Lesson XXV - Labial and Palatal Mute Stems of the Consonant Declension

Lesson XXVI - Lingual Mute Stems of the Consonant Declension

Lesson XXVII - Adjectives of the Consonant Declension

Lesson XXVIII - Contract Verbs in αω in the Indicative

Lesson XXIX - Contract Verbs in εω and οω in the Indicative

Lesson XXX - Contract Nouns and Adjectives of the Vowel Declension

Lesson XXXI - Deponent verbs, Conditional Sentences

Lesson XXXII - Subjunctive Active, Vivid Future Conditions

Lesson XXXIII - Subjunctive Action (continued) Subjunctive in Exhortations and in Final Cases

Lesson XXXIV - Subjunctive Middle and Passive, Subjunctive after Verbs of Fearing

Lesson XXXV - Contract Verbs in the Subjunctive

Lesson XXXVI - Liquid Stems of the Consonant Declension

Lesson XXXVII - Interrogative and Indefinite Pronouns

XXXVIII - Optative Active. Less Vivid Future Conditions

Lesson XXXIX - Optative Active (continued). Optative in Final Clauses, Object Clauses

Lesson XL - Optative Middle and Passive. Optative after Verbs of Fearing

Lesson XLI - Contract Verbs in the Optative

Lesson XLII - Stems in σ of the Consonant Declension

Lesson XLIII - Imperative Active

Lesson XLIV - Imperative Middle and Passive

Lesson XLV - Contract Verbs in the Imperative

Lesson XLVI - Adjective Stems in ψ and εσ of the Consonant Declension

Lesson XLVII - Personal Pronouns

Lesson XLVIII - Reflexive, Reciprocal, and Possessive Pronouns

Lesson XLIX - The Infinitive

Lesson L - The Infinitive (continued)

Lesson LI - Stems in ι and υ of the Consonant Declension

Lesson LII - Participles Active

Lesson LIII - Participles Middle and Passive

Lesson LIV - Adjective Stems in υ of the Consonant Declension, Irregular Adjectives

Lesson LV - Stems in a Diphthong of the Consonant Declension

Lesson LVI - Relative Pronouns. Genitive Absolute. Numerals

Lesson LVII - Conditional Sentences, General Suppositions

Lesson LVIII - Conditional Relative Sentences

Lesson LIX - Comparison of Adjectives

Lesson LX - Present System of Verbs, Indirect Discourse

Lesson LXI - Future and First Aorist Systems of Vowel and Mute Verbs, Indirect Discourse

Lesson LXII - Irregular Comparison of Adjectives

Lesson LXIII - Future and First Aorist Systems of Liquid Verbs. Interrogative Subjunctive, Indirect Discourse

Lesson LXIV - Formation and Comparison of Adverbs

Lesson LXV - Second Aorist System. Indirect Discourse

Lesson LXVI - Numerals

Lesson LXVII - First Perfect System, Indirect Discourse

Lesson LXVIII - Second Perfect System

Lesson LXIX - Perfect Middle System of Vowel and of Mute Verbs

Lesson LXX - Perfect Middle System of Liquid Verbs

Lesson LXXI - First Passive System. Complex Sentences in Indirect Discourse

Lesson LXXII - Second Passive System

Lesson LXXIII - Verbal Adjectives

Lesson LXXIV - Regular Verbs in μι, τίθημι

Lesson LXXV - Regular Verbs in ΜΙ, δίδωμι

Lesson LXXVI - Regular Verbs in ΜΙ, ἵστημι

Lesson LXXVII - Regular Verbs in ΜΙ, δείκνῡμι

Lesson LXXVIII - Second Perfect System without Tense Suffix

Lesson LXXIX - Irregular Verbs in ΜΙ, φημι, εἰμι, εἰμι

Lesson LXXX - Irregular Verbs in MI (continued), ἵημι,κεῖμαι, ἧμαι

LXXXI - Charts 739-799

LXXXII - Rules of Syntax. Sections 800-870

LXXXIII - Augment and Reduplication, Verb and Tense Stems, Principle Parts of Important Verbs. Sections 871-884

LXXXIV - Vocabulary Abbreviations Guide

End Of Index

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