This is what the interlinear subtitles should look like in VLC PLAYER:

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The purpose is to provide interlinear subtitles for youtube movies. I am adding step-by step instructions here so you can get it working.
1. Download VLC MEDIA PLAYER or some other player that has a speed control and allows you to add subtitle files to the movies you watch.
2. Get an application that downloads youtube videos, then use it to download the movie. You can find these applications by doing a search, or you can get YouTube downloader here: YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER
3. Create a directory to put the movie and subtitle files in.
4. Download the movie whose link is listed below using YouTube downloader into the directory you created.
5. Download the subtitle files from the link below on this page, and unzip them into the  same  directory.
4. Using VLC player, go to media > open file to load the movie.
5. Using VLC player, go to Subtitle > Add Subtitle File to load the subtitles.
6. You will need to slow down the playback.  The easiest way to control playback is with the  "[" and the "]" buttons.   To slow down playback, use the "[" button.  The "]" button speeds it up again.  I normally set playback somewhere between 50% - 70%, when you press one of these two buttons, the speed will appear in  the upper  right hand  corner of the screen.


With VLC Player, you can hit the spacebar to stop playback on anything you want to review, and hit it again to restart.

Movie Link Subtitle Link Direction Of Translation
Soviet Storm * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Kronstadt 1921 * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
The Korean War * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
The Dawns Are Quiet Here * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Bop (The Thief) * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Sun Of The Wolf * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Dark Side of the Soul * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
The Attackers * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Convoy PQ-17 Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Hunting The Gauleiter * Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Night Swallows Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
A Picture To Remember* Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Сволочи (Bastards) Interlinear Subtitle Russian > English
Ballad Of The Bomber Interlinear Subtitle English > Russian
Rider Named Death Interlinear Subtitle English > Russian
A Rose of Farwell Winds Interlinear Subtitle English > Russian

Note that direction of the translation is important, because it tells you where the translation errors may be. If the first language listed is Russian, then the translation was done from Russian to English, therefore the Russian is good, but the English may not be perfectly translated.

The asterisk (*) indicates that I have reviewed the subtitles, meaning that I have gone though and checked to find definitions or other faults that I can correct; that does not mean that the subtitle will be perfect, by a long shot, because I am still learning Russian, and, there are just some things that only a native speaker could fix, I fix the obvious, look up definitions for words that did not get translated, and, leave anything else that I do not know how to deal with intact. Some words you just do not find defintions for, and some of the wording defies correction without deeper knowledge of Russian.

This download below is from the book Teach Yourself Russian:
 Download Including mp3 audio Text To Speech files in ZIP(432 MB) . This revision Copyright © 2011 by Shawn D Irwin.