This is what the interlinear subtitles should look like in VLC PLAYER:

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The purpose is to provide interlinear subtitles for youtube movies. I am adding step-by step instructions here so you can get it working.
1. Download VLC MEDIA PLAYER or some other player that has a speed control and allows you to add subtitle files to the movies you watch.
2. Get any application that downloads youtube videos, then use it to download the movie. You can find these applications by doing a search, or you can get YouTube downloader here: YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER
3. Create a directory to put the movie and subtitle files in.
4. Download the movie whose link is listed below using YouTube downloader into the directory you created.
5. Download the subtitle files from the link below on this page, and unzip them into the  same  directory.
4. Using VLC player, go to media > open file to load the movie.
5. Using VLC player, go to Subtitle > Add Subtitle File to load the subtitles.
6. You will need to slow down the playback.  The easiest way to control playback is with the  "[" and the "]" buttons.   To slow down playback, use the "[" button.  The "]" button speeds it up again.  I normally set playback somewhere between 50% - 70%, when you press one of these two buttons, the speed will appear in  the upper  right hand  corner of the screen.


With VLC Player, you can hit the spacebar to stop playback on anything you want to review, and hit it again to restart.

La Vie au Temps des Châteaux Forts
Movie Link Subtitle Link Direction Of Translation
La Vie Au Temps Des Mousquetaires (This is very good!) Interlinear Subtitle French > English
La Vie Au Temps Des Gladiateurs Interlinear Subtitle French > English
La Vie au Temps des Châteaux Forts Interlinear Subtitle French > English
Tais Toi French Comedy Interlinear Subtitle French > English
The 100 Years War Interlinear Subtitle French > English
Siège d'Acre de 1291 Interlinear Subtitle French > English
De Sanget d'Encre (Thriller Policier) Interlinear Subtitle French > English
Richard Coeur de Lion-Le Roi Pris au Piège Interlinear Subtitle French > English
Pourquoi Babylone est-elle si mythique Interlinear Subtitle French > English
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire French Comedy Interlinear Subtitle French > English
Histoire génétique de la France Interlinear Subtitle French > English

Currently I am working on creating interlinear texts for French, the first text (Le Colonel Chabert) will show how Tachufind can really shine when it comes to learning grammar . . . it is set up to show both the Imperfect and Conditional forms as colored in the text, with the key at the top. This works best if you have actually loaded it into Tachufind, and have run the search-color-replace function (you can find more information on this in the tutorials) because then, no matter where you are in the text, you can just hover your mouse over the matching color box and get the same information. Incidentally, I am including a zip file of the French grammar searches (for Tachufind) I have created, after downloading, you will place them on your windows drive (C:\ProgramData\Tachufind) in the Tachufind folder, and then you should be able to load them in Tachufind. Be advised that the color searches may not necessarily color the whole part of the tense as you would see it in the grammar charts you will find in French books, which would be much more difficult to do, but what it does is select the distinguishing parts of the grammar, so you learn the differences between tenses, creating grammar searches takes practice, and French is especially challenging in that regard.

Note that all of these will use a translation provided by google translate, but have a dictionary at the bottom. In Tachufind, if you use the Find From End button, you can find the definition readily, and after you have found and read it, you can click the Return button which will return you to the point you left off (as long as you clicked you mouse in the text at the point you wanted to return to. Otherwise, you can usually repeat clicking the Find From Start or Find From End button to get back the the same word you looked up.)





BALZAC - La Maison Du Chat Qui Pelote

BALZAC - Pierre Grassou

VOLTAIRE - Candide

Alexander Dumas - The Count of Monte Christo

I have added Text-To-Speech capability to Tachufind. You will need to install the language and the accompanying voice for Windows 10
if you do not have it. Normally if you have added a language, it will work unless you excluded the voice when you downloaded it.
When you load Tachufind, and click on the Text-To-Speech button, as shown in the image below, it will list whatever languages you have installed:


Note that, in the image below, there are sentences in square brackets below the French sentences. If the "Omit Text In Square Brackets is checked,
(as is the default) Tachufind will skip these sentences, they are there only for seeing the translation. So any text that you do not want
read, you can put it in square brackets
[This will not be read!].


This is a beta version, so if you run into any issues, you are welcome to email me and let me know, hopefully with a screen-shot
and description of the steps that led up to the issue.

For French, I have just added 39 chapters from Le Compte De Monte Christo, by Alexander Dumas. Note that these texts are already set up so that
you can use Text To Speech with them, and it will read just the French in the upper line, without reading the English translation below it.
This makes for some serious progress in learning French! You can download the zip file for the 39 chapters of Le Compte De Monte Christo, they
are in RTF format. There are even more chapters left in this story, They are in the works, but 39 chapters will keep you busy for a long time!