Tachufind Interlinears Tutorial

This explains how I create interlinear dual-language texts, movie subtitles or for Text-To-Speech reading for Tachufind.
So you will learn how to make interlinear subtitles, and how to make the Text-To-Speech interlinears that read the top language,
and ignore the translation into English below it. If you create a text that you want to share, I will consider posting it on this
website, however, it must be in the public domain, this tutorial is for educational purposes only.

The download that I mentioned for the small utility program I wrote to make the interlinear subtitles is below
Note that this program provides no warranty, and the user is to understand that they use it at their own risk,
I can not provide warranties as I do not have the resources to do so; if I could, I would. If you would like
to be a patron to this site, I would welcome it, because it would help me provide more quality content!

Interlinear Creator