2021 Beta Release

Study Maestro is now available for free while in Beta release, after beta, there will be a price.

Last updated: 1-28-2021

Text-To-Speech capability added. You will need to install the language and the accompanying voice for Windows 10 if you do not have it. Normally if you have added a language, it will work unless you excluded the voice when you downloaded it. When you load Study Maestro, and click on the Text-To-Speech button, as shown in the image below, it will list whatever languages you have installed:


Note that, in the image below, there are sentences in square brackets below the French sentences. If the "Omit Text In Square Brackets is checked, (as is the default)
Study Maestro will skip these sentences, they are there only for seeing the translation. So any text that you do not want read, you can put it in square brackets
[This will not be read!]. In the future, I will be adding some of these texts for you to download.


This is a beta version, so if you run into any issues, you are welcome to email me and let me know, hopefully with a screen-shot
and description of the steps that led up to the issue. skywola@hotmail.com Thanks!

Click here to download the Study Maestro Beta Setup.zip file, extract it to a folder and run it.

These files have been signed in Microsoft Visual Studio, so the install should go well,
although you may come across this screen:


If you have any doubts you can run a virus scan on the program, (I do it with anything that
I myself am downloading with the exception of major publishers.)
For questions or comments on this program, contact me at skywola@hotmail.com

Previous Updates:
This update added a lot more mathematical symbols to the main text editor and the quiz generator.
Added a large group of Latin Latin: Color-Search-Replace items for download also. After you download them you will need to put them in your C:\ProgramData\Study-Maestro folder to see them. Go here for theColor-Search-Replace Tutorial.
1-3-2021: Added lots of math symbols. If you need a specific symbol that is not there let me know.
11-26-2020: Paste into was pasting at the end of selected text, rather than removing it, fixed.
10-27-2020 7:43PM: Fixed issue with Find First button occasionally not responding when clicked.
10-24-2020 4:13AM: File save was nagging even when file was not altered, this has been corrected.