Archeus Lore

There is a lot of great content on this website, and construction continues . . .

What's to come:
In the future, I will be adding more movies, with interlinear subtitles as I have done for the other movies posted. I want to add more tutorials for the Tachufind app, because the ones I have are out-of-date, and I also want to create some strictly interlinear texts from the movies, as an additional way to study . . . because you can, alternatively, use these texts to go through the movie script using Tachufind's text-to-speech feature . . . advantage being that you hear just the speech, not any background noise, and, is is not as difficult to follow as when you are watching the movie, because you can highlight one line, hit the play button and it will speak just that line, or you can slow down the text-to-speech.
I have updated the Tachufind Application as of 4-16-2024, I have been working on improving the capability of the Optical Character Recognition screen, because I have added functionality that helps you build interlinears, i.e. dual language texts. This screen is a work in process, I am still working with it and using it, mostly working with the ancient Greek / English functionality, but still need to give attention to the other language capabilities, although you may find that they are working fine, I have not used them much, so I don't know yet just how reliable they are, other than I have had excellent performance with the Greek OCR. More to come.

Recent additions:
The French Movie Danton, with interlinear subtitles!
A dual-language copy of Plutarch's Lives! (Ancient Greek / English)

On this site you will find many interlinear (dual language) items, works in Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Latin and Ancient Greek languages, interesting historical facts, resources for language learners, and tutorials for Blender 3D, sit back and enjoy . . .

Tachufind - an application that was initially created for assisting in learning Ancient Greek, it can be used to help anyone learn whatever they need to learn as rapidly as possible. Tachufind can highlight text, color text, use colors for analyzing difficult topics, create question answer sessions, learn things rapidly, like definitions, grammar, or whatever else. I added a new release on (4-16-2024) that features text-to-speech capability, optical character recognition, for multiple languages. (You WILL need to download the language and voices for Windows 10 on any of the languages you want text-to-speech for).

for any questions, requests, etc.